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Rudi Wagenaar,
Owner On-Demand Hospitality Solutions


"Melissa's dedication to responsible tourism is truly commendable. Her unwavering commitment to sustainable travel practices and her passion for making a positive impact on the places she promotes is simply inspiring. I have had the privilege of witnessing Melissa's work firsthand, and her ability to engage communities, promote cultural understanding, and prioritize environmental conservation sets her apart.


Melissa's expertise in responsible tourism is not just a professional endeavor but a personal mission that she embodies wholeheartedly. Her thoughtful approach, innovative ideas, and genuine care for both travelers and the destinations they explore shine through in every project she undertakes.


I wholeheartedly recommend Melissa Foley to anyone seeking a genuine advocate for responsible tourism. Her knowledge, ethics, and dedication make her an invaluable asset to the travel industry and a true trailblazer in promoting a more sustainable and meaningful way of experiencing the world."

John Corse,

Managing Director 

Serengeti Balloon Safaris

"Melissa is a champion for small local business and causes. She’s a tireless networker, encouraging collaboration with industry colleagues for the greater good. Her energy makes things happen."

Lindsey Gibaud, Founder Big Tree Marketing

"I have known Melissa of a number of years.  She is one of those people who you intentionally gravitate toward for her positive approach and deeply caring attitude.  Her work within the parameters of sustainable tourism is weighty, making a difference where she stands while drawing attention to campaigns and causes that desperately require response.


She freely volunteers her time when the need arises, having joined a number of my tourism youth workshops held at schools around Cape Town.  At these workshops Melissa shares her experience and encouragement with grade 10 and 11 learners who are looking to join tourism when they complete school. 


She is always first to put her hand up to help and I can without hesitation give Melissa my endorsement."

Natalia Rosa,
CEO Big Ambitions 

"In the dynamic world of tourism in Africa, few shine as brightly as Melissa Foley. With two decades of unparalleled experience in marketing and business development, Melissa's expertise is both vast and deep. But what truly sets her apart is her passion for sustainable tourism and enterprise development.


Having had the privilege to collaborate with Melissa, I've witnessed first-hand her remarkable ability to connect ideas, people, and opportunities.


Beyond her impressive resume, it's Melissa's innate talent for nurturing relationships that truly stands out. Whether it's through social networking, marketing campaigns, or trade associations, she has an uncanny ability to bring stakeholders and trade partners together, creating synergies that benefit all involved.


For anyone seeking a consultant who not only understands the intricacies of the tourism industry but also champions sustainable and ethical practices, Melissa Foley is the obvious choice. I recommend her unreservedly and am confident that her contributions will continue to shape the future of tourism in the most positive of ways."

Aimee Lentz,

Group Brand Manager at Jewelvest

"Melissa is a dynamic force that catalyses positive growth within business through her strategic relationships.

Melissa is highly professional, efficient and objective focused. Expertise within international commerce with a deep understanding on making business matters sustainable considering their business markets, natural environment and social communities.

Flexibility in tailoring solutions for businesses. Melissa understands the importance on ROI and the impact decisions have within the ecosystem they operate.

Melissa offers an extensive network of professionals and leading global companies she is able to access when managing special projects or gain insight for project development.

From planning and strategy, to on the ground execution- Melissa is prepared to manage the entire process on initiatives she is committed to."  

Tarryn Tomlinson,
C.E.O LiveABLE Universal Access Consultancy

"Only a few times in life does one have the fortune to meet, on a professional level, a human that rocks your world. Why? Because when as a mostly sole entrepreneur pushing to make a greater positive impact in tourism, the journey can feel lonely.


Meeting Melissa has changed that for me. Melissa gets, truly gets sustainable and responsible tourism and goes over and beyond to ensure that the right people get speaking to the right people in order to make that happen.  


She has a heart of gold and the passion of an Italian stallion.


I would HIGHLY recommend consulting with Melissa on sustainable, ethical and equitable tourism."





Mark Wright,

Owner  Adventure 


“Melissa is one of the most dynamic and effective people I've ever worked with in the travel industry.


She is a highly charged bundle of energy; a real catalyst for action when combined with her shrewd commercial intelligence, excellent marketing knowledge and a grounded, ethical approach to business and tourism. I'd work with her again any day.”


"I've been tremendously fortunate to meet and work with Melissa through our shared mission and passion to promote responsible tourism in Africa.


No words will do justice to Melissa's rare level and combination of energy, intellect, natural born speaking and presentations skills, ability to connect with people and bring them together, all combined with the right passion, hard work and discipline to make a positive contribution.


I can only congratulate anyone looking for a marketing champion and lucky enough to engage Melissa's services for your cause.


Melissa is a game changer. I've never met anyone like her, and I'm sure whatever Melissa gets involved in becomes a success—more so than you might ever have thought possible."

Noel Kilo,

CEO Notice Kilimanjaro

"I have had the privilege of knowing and collaborating with Melissa Foley, the founder of All About Africa, for over 8 years, and I can confidently say that she is an absolute sales and marketing genius.


Her marketing and sales expertise is unparalleled, and her dedication to supporting and inspiring sustainable and ethical practices within the tourism sector is truly commendable.


What sets Melissa apart is not only her deep understanding of the industry but also her commitment to making a positive impact. Her efforts in promoting sustainability and ethical practices in the tourism sector are not only admirable but also crucial for the long-term well-being of Africa's tourism industry.


If you are a tour, travel, or accommodation service provider operating in the African tourism industry, I wholeheartedly recommend collaborating with Melissa and her team at All About Africa. Their insights, creativity, and dedication will undoubtedly elevate your business to new heights.


Melissa's vision and expertise are a true asset to anyone seeking to grow, thrive, and make a meaningful difference in this industry."

ALexandra Pastollnigg,
Founder Kiligate, Fair Voyage

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