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Products and Projects we love

Painted Wolf Wines

Painted Wolf Wines is a family business producing authentic, distinct and delicious wines and invests in African wild dog conservation and social upliftment to communities surrounding key African wild dog populations.

Taking inspiration from the social dynamics of a pack of African wild dogs, they build and nurture mutually beneficial relationships to achieve their wine and conservation goals.

Their roots in wine, environmental tourism and wildlife film-making coupled with a deeply shared love for the African wilderness drives their work to help conserve this charismatic and endangered species. Today, approximately 6600 African wild dogs remain. 


As you enjoy the equally charistmatic wines you are helping the company invest in the future of African wild dogs and the last remaining wilderness areas in Africa.


Growing Paper

Looking for a unique and sustainable way to promote your company? Why not try using Growing Paper seed paper products? Our unique range of custom marketing materials and corporate gifting products are made from handcrafted recycled materials which reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. We use a variety of seeds, including indigenous flowers, herbs, and vegetables and when planted, supports local ecosystems by promoting the growth of plants adapted to the local environment.  


Not only do these products align with the values of meaningful, sustainable, and responsible tourism, but they also create a memorable experience for your clients. By using our seed paper, you can show your commitment to the environment and encourage others to take actions towards sustainability.

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How Many Elephants

We're a non-profit organisation that is women-led, women-focused and impact-driven. We support African elephants and female rangers on the frontline globally. Why? To tackle climate change, we need healthy elephant populations and empowered women. 


Join us at How Many Elephants to help transform humanity’s relationship with nature and to scale up and support female rangers on the frontline. The female ranger movement is powerful to be aligned with. There is bravery, grit, overwhelming odds, triumphs and unity, with hope and gratitude at its core. We celebrate and support those who have dedicated their lives to the often challenging and dangerous work of protecting the planet’s wildlife and wild spaces.


Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project

The Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project, (KPAP) now known as Kilimanjaro Responsible Tourism Organization (KRTO) is an initiative of the International Mountain Explorers Connection, (IMEC) . KPAP raises public awareness regarding the proper treatment of porters on Kilimanjaro and assists climbing companies with implementing procedures that ensure fair and ethical treatment of their porters.

  • KPAP’s / KRTO’s focus is improving the working conditions of the porters by

  • Free clothing lending program, ensuring proper gear for porters

  • Education and Empowerment with free English, First Aid, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Money Management, and Porters Rights classes

  • Educating the public and advocating for proper porter working conditions 


IMEC created the Partner for Responsible Travel Program to recognize those tour operators committed to fair treatment practices and working conditions of the crew on Kilimanjaro, Nepal and Machu Picchu. All Partner Companies must agree to and implement minimum monitored requirements. 


All climbing companies are welcome to participate and acceptance as a Partner for Responsible Travel is based upon the local climbing company meeting extensive and strictly monitored Guidelines for

Proper Porter Treatment. 


Dunia Designs

Since our inception in 2016, when we began our plastic clean up in Arusha, followed by the launch of Dunia Designs iconic pouffe, we have recycled 900 tonnes of plastic waste to date.
By purchasing our furniture, you play an active role in cleaning up the planet, supporting local initiatives while shopping sustainably!

All of our products at Dunia Designs are made using a material called Greenwood. It created completely from low-grade plastic waste, that is often not used for recycling and is left to pollute our environment. Waste plastic is collected from the streets, oceans, and rivers - bags, bottles, and more, by our collectors who are paid per kilo of plastic. It is then cleaned and shredded before being put into an extrusion machine which compresses and heats the waste to form a greenwood plank. These planks are then used by our carpenters as a wood substitute to create beautiful furnishing pieces.


All Stay LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Consulting

An LGBTQ+ online training, assessment & education platform that connects the tourism industry with the LGBTQ+ traveler.

The All Stay online platform provides a fully integrated sensitivity and awareness training process for tourism and hospitality companies who are wanting to transform into a truly inclusive organisation.


The process is designed to elicit information from individuals about their personal understanding, awareness and level of acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community, and take them on a journey of learning and enlightenment; resulting in a deeper understanding and acceptance of the community, and a substantial increase in the organisations’ level of LGBTQ-friendliness.

Users will sign up for a minimum of 2 years with a work-at-your-own-pace policy.


LiveAble Accessibility Consultants

Liveable is an access consultancy within the hospitality industry, consulting on Universal Design - how to make tourism products and services accessible to the maximum number of people.


Secondly we seek to inform travelers as to which tourism and hospitality offerings are accessible under the brand Able2Travel.

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