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As an industry leading marketing, sales and operations executive Melissa Foley has established international networks and is always bench marking best practices. Melissa has an exceptional and unsurpassed ability to cultivate strong relationships with stakeholders, and trade partners via social networking, marketing campaigns, trade associations and exhibition representation.


Utilizing nearly three decades of executive marketing and business development expertise in corporate America, combined with extensive global travel experience, she provides a unique perspective on tourism development.


Melissa has traveled and lived abroad for the previous five years consulting for various NGO’s in Greece, India, Cambodia, Thailand and Tanzania integrating responsible tourism with local community development. 


Most recently as a marketing and operational consultant to local tour operators, lodges and the largest safari vehicle manufacturing company in Africa, she has gained valuable insights to the tourism industry specifically the market conditions of East Africa.  


Now based in Cape Town, most recent expansion has included South Africa and surrounding markets.

Current projects include a collaborative effort working with various stakeholders to raise responsible travel standards and certifications throughout East Africa.


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