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Connecting you to the world

  We currently represent over 20 International Agents seeking new local partners committed to best environmental and social practices


Integrating socially and environmentally sustainable solutions, products, and organizations into the supply chain and operations of the African tourism industry.  We are storytellers that will help small business translate their sustainable impact into meaningful travel experiences for their guests and agent partners to create truly unique and positive experiences. 

What we do

All About Africa is a specialty marketing and operational consulting firm supporting and inspiring the African Safari industry.  We offer a vast range of services from digital marketing, rebranding, mystery shopping, employee evaluation and training, operational enhancements, supplier procurement, sustainability implementations, and product development.  


Our extensive tourism supply chain insight and experience combined with a vast international network of industry buyers and partners makes us unique and highly advantaged experts for both sourcing buyer product needs and trade show representation of your brand at local and global tourism events.


We not only work with local operators, accommodation providers, and product suppliers but have extensive experience consulting for associations, municipalities, tourism boards, regional commissioners, and other stakeholders.  We always support and encourage and support the best social and environmental sustainability practices for destination and brand management.


Our core philosophy is based on the principles of sustainability and responsible travel.  Not only do these practices address global consumer trends and demands but provide an opportunity for enhanced business operations and competitiveness.


Most importantly we recognize that traditional sustainable tourism solutions are not applicable to the unique nature and challenges of the African Tourism industry.  Therefore, the opportunity and obligation is upon us collectively, to collaborate for social and climate justice.   Not just for the greater good of protecting people and places from which we profit, but for the long-term vitality and economic stability of our brands and industry.


We hope you will take a journey with us to find more authentic ways to ensure we are leaning to critical mass adoption of meaningful measures to ensure a more positive social and environmental impact on our communities, natural resources, and cultural traditions.

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